Just some of the lore around the "smallest city on the lake".

Welcome to Woodland

“I live in Woodland?” Raise your hand if you want to be mayor! Just some of the lore around the “smallest city on the lake.” Known for its beauty and Native American history, with hidden driveways, gorgeous trees, beautiful topography, and unparalleled lower lakeshore. This quiet and esteemed village is highly sought after for commanding estates, charming historic houses, and its A+ location over-looking Wayzata Bay and the main lower lake.


  • Only about 8 square miles, 500 residents, 190 households, 2 acre minimums, insulated from commercial development, the purpose of this village is to maintain the idyllic settings and intrinsic beauty of the area; yet be in close proximity to every amenity imaginable including 20 minutes to downtown Minneapolis.
  • The Assembly Grounds host historic buildings and charming homes and shared community grounds, lakeshore and docking.
  • Maplewoods; is one of a limited number of estate neighborhoods on Lake Minnetonka with rare lumber, and Sioux Indian history.
  • Host to pristine virgin maple forests.
  • Features winding streets to hidden neighborhoods.
  • Located 5 mins from Wayzata or Deephaven.
  • Shared public services to this village contribute to having the lowest crime rate in the state.
  • Prime award winning Minnetonka Schools! (see other city descriptions with more school district details).
  • Historic Woodland is truly one of the most sought after areas in the Lake Minnetonka area for people seeking solitude, privacy, beauty, and character reminiscent of old, historic, and beautiful areas on the East Coast.
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